Portland’s Guilty Pleasure Is Now Guilt-Free

healthy chocolate acne dots Newberg

Xocai healthy chocolate is absolutely guilt-free! Xocai transforms naughty, bland, ordinary chocolate into remarkable healthy, rich, antioxidant bliss for the chocolate lovers of Portland.

I’ve seen how chocolate can give pleasure, purpose and peace to myself, my friends and my family. Believe me, I know chocolate is wonderful. And yet, gobs of high-fat grocery store fare never seem to satisfy.

Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that chocolate is actually good for you. I’ve heard them also, and I’m here to tell you that cacao – the basic source of chocolate – contains a whopping dose of several vital nutrients. Xocai products were designed to unlock and retain the nutrients in raw cacao.

Xocai Healthy Chocolate is different than the chocolate candy you grew up with. Xocai uses proprietary cold-processing to preserve antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Xocai goes with natural content, natural cocoa butter, natural sweeteners and other natural ingredients with no artificial ingredients. Xocai is powerful, healthy chocolate. In fact, Xocai has a patent on the designation “Healthy Chocolate.”

My name is Lynn Hackworth, chocolate entrepreneur. If you want to understand the power that comes from chocolate weight loss, enjoy healthy energy drinks, and rely on meal replacement shakes, email me at this address: docbar2@frontier.com.

If you want to find out where to analyze the latest and most powerful anti-aging products have a look at my website, http://mxi.myvoffice.com/nutritiouschocolateforlife/index.html. Or give me a call at 503-537-4426 to discuss my knowledge about current products, XO products on the horizon and favorites such as Xocai’s healthy nugget/omega squares and omega squares.

XO Lifestyle Worldwide now offers the very first acne dots: SkinHealix. This state-of-the art acne medication can clear pimples overnight! SkinHealix acne dots were created by XO’s new Chief Science Officer and world-renowned product formulator, Chanda Zaveri.

With XO, I am able to work from home in the great city of Newberg, Oregon, supplement my income near Portland, and share that freedom with the exceptional community of Lake Oswego. I’ve got it all thanks to XO Lifestyle Worldwide.

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I am Lynn Hackworth, and I am a Newberg-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in February 2011. I sell the industry-leading nugget/omega squares and omega squares online and in Newberg, Portland, Lake Oswego, and Mcminnville. Our valued Portland customers recommend omega squares because omega squares allows me to share a wonderful product for a healthy lifestyle..

TEAMX88 is also a fantastic nugget/omega squares home-based business in the Portland area. Oregon entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand Oregon healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about TEAMX88, visit http://mxi.myvoffice.com/nutritiouschocolateforlife/index.html.

Call me at 503-537-4426 to own your own nugget/omega squares business in Newberg, Portland, Lake Oswego, or Mcminnville.

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